Last One Before Fight Night! (diary entry)

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My client completed the tenth hour of his Boxing course with me 48 hours prior to stepping into the ring for Ultra White Collar Boxing. As predicted, he has drawn a much taller opponent with a reach advantage. He feels confident that we have already focused a lesson on handling this type of fighter but we spent tonight’s lesson going back over the tactics and strategy.

With the fight so close, it is unwise to spar or anything beyond light training. Sparring risks injuries and the same can be said for harder training. A fighter is not going to get any better conditioned or learn any new techniques that will benefit him on the night.

Training went over 10 x 2 minute rounds of working around the glove on the stick (to deal with the long range), ducking, leading with body shots to set up head shots, working on the blindside of the jab, pressing the fight against the ropes and some in-fighting tactics.