Last Hour of Stand-up & Ground (diary entry)

muay thai DSC_047401.06.19

The final hour of my client’s mixed course on Muay Thai and Submission grappling went through various stand-up combinations and also a round of grappling sparring.

We began with mirror footwork and some reaction drills. The first drill was the Dutch one-for-one kick repayment. Various kicks are exchanged to prompt returning a strike as quickly as possible. This was then changed to prompting and taking advantage of predictive behaviour – low kick/low kick/teep.

We then went through all the main advanced combinations covered in this course

• Teep/Knee Bomb with variations of climbing smash-down elbow strike and climbing slashing elbow strike
• Jab/Back Kick
• Counter Back Kick with a Teep
• Question Mark Kick
• Jab/Mid-Section Round Kick/45 Degree Round Kick/Cobra Punch
• Jab/High Round Kick/Miss High Round Kick/Crocodile Kick

The lesson finished with a five minute round of progressive specific sparring. My client fought to escape all the main pins in Submission Grappling.

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