L-Step and Clinch Strategies (diary)



Tonight was the ninth and penultimate lesson in my client’s course in Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We worked a lot on putting combinations together, setting up various tactics using footwork and how to use the clinch.


Warm-up began with mirror footwork. Then we moved straight onto the pads to drill building up combinations whilst also using slipping, ducking and rolling appropriately. The key here was to seamlessly get head and foot movements linked to punching within a set combination.


Footwork strategies included using the L-step to bait and lure an opponent onto an offline punching combinations. We also looked at bringing low jabs, inspired by Sugar Ray Robinson. Leonard was an expert in drawing opponents out and into awkward positions where he would feed a volley of long range punches.


Then we focused on the clinch. As always I used Jack Johnson as my main strategic example for introducing clinching. We looked at baiting, tying up and punching in the clinch.


The lesson finished with a round of sparring.

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