Knife and Edged Awareness Programme (diary entry)

knife edged weapon webinar09.03.21

Tuesday night saw my teacher consultancy become the first time I have taught my Knife and Edged Awareness Programme online. I first qualified as a senior KEWAP instructor 2011 and have renewed/updated this qualification on an almost annual basis. Its soft skills research for the UK is second to none and therefore my decision to make it part of my weapon defence programme made perfect sense. I will be teaching a trilogy of webinars on edged weapon awareness and defence on 21st March, 11th April and 2nd May. My teacher client requested that I go through the material in our private lesson. We covered the first half of the soft skills section, which includes definitions of offensive and edged weapons, statistics on knife crime in the UK, the threat of knife crime and its motivations as well the law in relation to knife crime and defending against it.

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