Knee Pin & Spinning Kicks (diary entry)


thai spinning heel kick04.05.19


Saturday morning’s first lesson brought my client up to the six hour point of his specially tailored course dedicated to stand-up striking and submission grappling. This we began with the lesson with submission grappling, looking at defences from the knee-pin whilst the second half was concerned with spinning kicks.


We began with a series of ground callisthenics, focusing a lot on movements from underneath. Then we drilled defensive movement from under a pin transition drill. This was done for a series of repetitions before we focused on the main technique: defence against the knee-pin.


We covered three types of defence.


  1. Bridge up and snake/shrimp whilst controlling the knee and ankle to move in for a single leg takedown.
  2. Turn away and wedge nearside elbow before snaking/shrimping and going for the back.
  3. Bridge and stuff the ankle when coming down to get half-guard, lock-down and underhook the far leg to sweep.


This was then progressively sparred off both sides for five minutes.


Muay Thai began with some simple and advanced combination work before focusing on the spinning heel kick (crocodile whips his tail). We diverged into spinning outside crescents and spinning hook kicks inadvertently before resuming the original technique. Then we began working on some combinations to set up this technique as well as follow-ons.


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