Kimura Lock Position (diary entry)


kimurakimura 219.10.19


The third hour of my juniors’ basic course in submission grappling/ground-fighting revised the pin transition drill and also covered the drill from the other side. We then focused on side control and the Kimura grip.


We warmed up with bear crawls, lizard crawls, seal crawls, monkey crawls and snaking/shrimping. Then we went through the entire pin transition sequence. At each stage I discussed setting up various traps and controlling the head and limbs. Once the clockwise drill was confirmed we did the anti-clockwise version. They were both then put under mild pressure, checking the strength of the transitions.


We then revised the Americana and looked how the Kimura and the arm-bar could be used as contingency techniques. All of them use the Kimura lock arm-position.

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