Kicking it up (Diary entry)




Transitioning through postures rounded off the revisions with work on kicking through postures and then we pressure-tested the different postures in specific sparring.


The lesson began with our current regular warm-up of various movement exercises in the four postures. We then transitioned from each posture in isolation before combining them into one fluid movement of getting from the back to the feet without put our hands down.


The kicking transition began with using the rear leg round kick to link each posture transition. Then the same process was done for the lead leg. Both kicking transitions were practised on a focus mitt to measure power. Finally they were combined with a jab for the rear leg and a jab cross for the lead leg.


Next, we brought the focus onto pressure. The restriction made here was for the fighter to stick to strategy one principles for the first two postures (on the back guard and seated/butterfly guard) and to look to dominate from combat base. The first two specifically looked at the use of punches and kicks from these ranges. The last posture incorporated punches, but there wasn’t a lot of use for kicks.

Photography by Phil Shirley

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