Kickboxing Combinations 1-8 (diary entry)

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My teacher consultancy session continued our prepping for the Dutch inspired Muay Thai combinations. This session we not only covered the seventh and eighth combinations but also went back through all the previous material. That is quite some feat, given the complexity of these sets and further evidence that training in them speeds up our muscle memory and retention of knowledge. Like my other clients, my teacher client and her daughter both picked up the new combinations faster than before. This also included an adapted version required due to an unrelated health problem. One of the biggest learning curves for many teachers and students presented by the lockdown conditions has been adapting, which is at the heart of many big training developments enshrined in martial arts lore and history.

Combination seven and eight are distinctly different in their tactics. Combination seven’s overall strategy is to deliver a series of close-quarter strikes up and down the body before delivering a powerful long knee. Combination eight is more of an outside boxing strategy, pairing single punches and kicks up with some drawing footwork at the end.

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