Kick Workout (diary entry)

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With her lockdown partner currently recovering from an operation, my client trained alone tonight and I used the opportunity to get back to kicking. The entire workout was focused on developing better kicking technique and increasing speed in her legs. This is the third hour of my client’s course.

After the usual warm-up of dynamic stretching and callisthenics we moved onto developing round kicks more effeciently. Firstly, we addressed the importance of the pivot and turning the shin. However, there are some important variations to note when a fighter is looking for more speed.  For speed it is usually best to have minimum traction on the ground and minimum hinging movements. Therefore, the fastest round kicks are those where the supporting foot constantly has the heel raise and is already in position. There two primary speed round kicks in Muay Thai and full contact: no-pivot and on-pivot. Incidentally, raising the heel is preferred for power delivery as well.

We then proceeded onto our legs and kicks based 10 round workout.

Round 1 – Footwork

Round 2 – Advanced footwork

Round 3 – Different types of shin-check

Round 4 – Lead teeps

Round 5 – Rear teeps

Round 6 – Shin-check teeps

Round 7 – Rear leg round kicks

Round 8 – Switch-kicks

R0und 9 – Solo focus mitt round for knees and big classic round kicks

Round 10 – 10 second bursts of various kicks at high speed

The lesson finished with a series of stretching exercises.

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