Kick Camouflage (diary entry)

oblique kick 2 video teaching oblique kick introliver punch 212.05.20

My teacher training lesson was taught around partner-work as my client is self-isolated with her daughter. We continued our Muay Thai/Dutch Kickboxing merger work. Next lesson we look to put in more dirty boxing work. The overall objective of this training is work in and out of ranges with the emphasis on striking. Tonight footwork and fast hand combinations were used to set up everything else.

We warmed up with footwork, using the training area to its full extent. This was then layered on with one-for-one kicks, then one-for-one punches, followed by one-for-one punch kick combinations before simply building up the punching combinations to camouflage the kicks. We would return to this theme along with the footwork later with our body shots.

Next we moved back onto the clinch and through the entire set sequence of footwork. This was then sandwiched between a lengthier kickboxing entry and the usual exit and strike. I also encouraged a counter and strike back from the drilling partner at the end of the sequence as they began their turn.

Training then turned to the shovel hook and the liver shot in particular. I then taught them to feign to encourage the opponent to open up their right side. This allows the fighter to step in at an angle and throw the liver shot. We then built up a series of different punching combinations to the head before feigning and then stepping in for the liver shot.

Finally, I introduced the oblique kick. This was trained in isolation first as a variant on leg kicks. Unlike the round kick to the leg, the oblique kick travels directly to the front of the thigh. Once the technique was understood and established we targeted the liver and then used punching combinations to the head and footwork to camouflage the kick.