Khabib’s Ground ‘n Pound (diary entry)



Wednesday night covered the triangle choke from the basic guard for my Junior Submission Grappling client and my senior MMA client focused on the reverse Kimura takedown to submission as well fighting against the wall.

My junior client revised his arm-bar training from the previous lesson, including both the muscle memory drill and the technical set-up. Then we moved on the triangle choke from guard. The set up involves timing a push and pull action with the opponent’s arms whilst restricting their movement with the guard. The fighter then angles into the place as well as pushing the single trapped arm. We looked at positioning the active leg by using a free hand and then completing the submission by locking in the other leg and activating the hips and core muscles.

The senior lesson began with Dirty Boxing, including a knee-bump from clinch and we also looked at the reverse kimura from standing into a submission. Then we moved to the wall. Here we drilled a new flow drill – under-hook/shoulder-bump/knee-strike/over-hook/slashing elbow/re-pummel. We also looked at reversing the wall pin and takedown to Khabib’s ground ‘n pound.

The lesson finished with a five minute round of sparring.


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