Keiryu Experiences the Rhythm and Flow (diary entry)

rhythm and flow combinations keiryu20.04.21

I was delighted to teach the beginning of a four-part online training course covering the stand-up rhythm and flow combinations that have previously been covered by Athena School of Karate and several of my private clients with long-time friends, Keiryu Practical Karate. We got through combinations one and two as shadow boxing work. I also discussed the context, purpose, application and attributes of these combinations.

Combination number one uses double-up attack/counter-attack tactics. This includes a cross/slip-cross (or a straight right/cross for purists!) and round kick/shin-check/round kick. Hooks were also used to set up all the double kick and the low kick.

We discussed differences between Thai round kicks and other round kicks.

Combination number two is a short sequence that sends over a series of punches from various different angles and even a level change to set up a big rear leg round kick to the head.

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