Junior Self-Protection Attendance/Competence End of Course Examination (diary entry)


The basic junior course in self-protection came to an end today. After six weeks of intensive sessions the under 16s of Telford’s Kyushinka Martial Arts undertook their confirmation session/test. The course was designed to teach relavant personal security and high percentage combatives to youngsters and today’s session was designed to observe how much information had been retained. Having a highly individualistic approach to teaching Clubb Chimera Martial Arts is not concerned with perfect form or technique, rather evidence that those who undertook the course would be efficient in self-protection.


The examination consisted of the following: 


Demonstrations of the fence – both in scenario-based training exercises and against focus mitts

Demonstrations of instinctive striking from all ranges

Demonstrations of multiple counter-attacks on the focus mitts

Demonstrations of the cover into a counter-attack

Demonstrations of defences against grappling attacks at all ranges – pressure test

Code white instinctive responses test

Will drill – untimed series of exercises designed to test “the will to survive”

Questions and answers on personal security (soft skills)


All those who attended received certification – not a guarantee – with only a select few who demonstrated a well-rounded knowledge and ability in all areas being awarded complete competence. A few others were earmarked for upgrading to competence level with some extra sessions.


The whole experience of teaching the eager and enthusiastic pupils of Telford’s Kyushinkai Martial Arts Centre was a thoroughly worthwhile one. All the students showed a willingness to learn and explore the information provided outside of the course. They are a credit to Sam Stewart and all the instructors at this fantastic facility.

DON'T MISS: Future CCMA-related events at Kyushinkai Martial Arts including BTEC self-defence course and Vagabond Warriors in February. Contact jamie@clubbchimera.com

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