Junior Muay Thai (diary entry)

coaching juniors 1 coaching juniors 206.01.2022

My Thursday night session, bringing my client up to the 6.5 hour point, was divided into two junior lesson. The first lesson was with a primary school aged pupil and the second with a young adolescent. Both have had two week’s private lessons of Muay Thai in Thailand and my job was to continue their education over here. They have a good knowledge of the techniques, but there was still some foundational areas I needed to work on. Firstly, we looked at footwork, including bringing in the pivot step for both out-boxing and the clinch. Then we looked at developing the lead teep more and the shin-check.

Lesson 1:

Round 1 – Footwork

Round 2 – Boxing

Round 3 – Kickboxing

Round 4 – Layering in knees

Lesson 2:

Warm-up – Footwork

Round 1 – Defence & Counters

Round 2 – Kickboxing

Round 3 – Layering in Knees

Round 4 – Clinch