Junior MMA & Western Boxing (diary entry)




My junior MMA client has reached her seventh hour where we looked MMA from a Western Boxing perspective.


After a warm-up, we went through a full footwork pattern – forwards, backwards, sideways left, sideways right, v-step left, v-step right, v-step switch stance and v-step pivot. These movements were then mirrored with me and then we added on jabbing and jab/cross as well as switching levels.


Going to the focus mitts, we looked at several Western Boxing setups that can be adapted for other MMA techniques. We covered jab/cross/switch levels/jab/cross/switch levels/uppercut to go over creating false patterns for opponents. We looked at slip/jab into a v-step/overhand punch which can be changed to slip/jab/v-step/low round kick and slip/jab/v-step/single leg takedown. Then we moved into back-peddling flicker jabs to set up for power jabs. From here we used the same mechanics applied to the power jab for a pendulum teep off the back-peddle. Next we moved onto the superman punch. This technique was taught as progression off the Muay Thai cobra punch which was taught as a progression from the overhand. We then put together back-peddle/flicker jab/pawing jab/superman punch. Looking at the pawing jab we looked at the relationship between it and the Muay Thai long guard as well as framing and posting with the lead hand. We then sandwiched the superman punch with the post and a shovel hook.


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