Junior MMA Trial Lesson (diary entry)


Thursday night’s class saw a new client begin his course. He is a junior who has opted for my Mixed Martial Arts programme. I have advised that the best way to tackle MMA is by training in its component arts first. Usually this takes the form of boxing, then muay Thai before wrestling and submission grappling. However, some choose to start with any of the other arts depending on their experience or general preferences. Upon conducting an informal and unscientific test I was first introduced through a Joe Lewis article, my client was shown to have a preference for grappling. This was something worth keeping in mind when he made his selection. Undecided on his choices and being a “blank slate” with no previous martial arts experience, I opted to teach him aspects from all four disciplines and then put together an MMA combination.

We looked at jabbing and the cross from boxing, the teep and combining that with aforementioned punches for muay Thai before training a type of double-leg takedown from wrestling and then side control into an Americana arm-lock for submission grappling.

The lesson was finished with a tabata of straight punching and sprawling.