Junior MMA Continues (diary entry)



Sunday morning saw the return of my parent/child clients as they enter the second hour of a five hour programme in Junior Mixed Martial Arts. As discussed in their trial lesson, the structure of these classes will be to teach the fundamentals of western boxing for the first two thirds whereas the final part will focus on more game-orientated extra skills, such as grappling. This morning we began the boxing with circular footwork. This was to encourage movement after striking. We began with moving in different directions and I explained the preference for circling to the lead side of an opponent. Then the jabs were reintroduced and both the parent and I took turns to have the student jab and circle away. Next I brought back in the “octopus arms” evasion drill. This involves an adult consistently moving their arms around in much the same way as an octopus amusement ride and the students dodging in and out of the arms. I added in an extra objective in the game to touch the adult’s ear. This was eventually changed to place a punch on the adult’s jaw. Between jabbing, circling and weaving with a punch we were able to bring over the concept of the five ranges: out of range, edge of range, long range, mid-range and close range. I then reintroduced the cross or straight right where we did some restrictive training to elminate telegraphing.

The lesson finished with the introduction of the sprawl from grappling. After running through the basics and some variations I brought into a mirror training game. This game involves one person mirroring the action of another as they try to keep up with them touching three corners of the mats and sprawling.



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