Junior MMA Begins (diary entry)



On Thursday my junior client began her Mixed Martial Arts course having completed all the four recommended component parts as 10 hour private lessons over a one year period. We touched upon all three ranges, linking in techniques covered within the four disciplines already taught.


We warmed up with a range of specific callisthenics for stand-up, clinch and ground. Then we moved onto the stand-up range on focus mitts. From jabbing high and low I taught jab high/shoot for double-leg. Then we learnt a simple combination for setting up an opponent with a feigned shoot and hitting with an uppercut. From here we covered the basic sprawl and brawl. Next we moved onto the clinch combining Muay Thai clinch with Wrestling. I introduced collar tie ear rips, cross faces and under-hooking with strikes. Finally we went to the ground. Here we transitioned around the body through pins, using strikes to set up submissions. Then we finished with ground and pound in the guard and using the guard defensively, covering hip escapes to standing, spider-guard to control the striking arms and the defensive closed guard.

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