Junior Grappling/Senior Muay Thai (diary entry)

pawing long guard thai27.10.21

Tonight my junior client began looking at the clinch into ground submission work. My senior class continued looking at set-ups for overhand rights and rear round kicks.

Areas he needs to work on with my junior client include wrestling attack and defence as well leg-locks. Due to his age, I am always concerned about any form of joint manipulation work. He is to execute full submissions on adult coaches and training partners but only to receive strong positional techniques in sparring. This is due to the fact that joints usually do not stop developing until 17 years at the earliest. We looked at defence from a waistlock takedown into a rolling knee bar and then later into a foot-hold. The lesson finished with tabata of impact sit-up punching and sprawl-to-knee burpees.

My senior client focused entirely on Muay Thai this time for his striking set-ups. We went back over combinations taught in the previous lesson before looking at ways to use the rear hand to set up the rear hand. We started in Western Boxing. This began with double-jab/cross/jab/overhand and then moved into a jab/rear hand parry/jab/overhand. The rear hand parry encourages a jabbing exchange but, in this instance, the fighter begins to sneak his rear hand forward before distracting with another jab and then dropping the overhand. Moving off this idea we then we went for a longer guard, using the rear hand to slap-down parry the opponent’s guard a la Sandy Saddler, George Foreman, Vasiliy Lomachenko, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury. The jab, again, distracts the opponent away from the guard manipulation only to be followed by the overhand. We also looked at putting in the left shovel hook either as a liver shot or smash punch to finish off the combination.

Moving onto Muay Thai proper, we looked at the long guard using the lead hand to cover for a change. We set up the rear round kick with a lead teep to the body and then drew back the outstreched rear hand for the rear round kick. We then moved into exiting from the clinch and following up with a round kick.

The lesson was finished with 3 x 3 minute rounds of sparring – boxing, clinch and full muay Thai.



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