Junior Boxing Work for MMA (diary entry)

student coaching punching focus mitt pad22.08.21

Today was my client’s third hour of a five hour programme for junior MMA. We worked exclusively on boxing technique, where I incorporated more head movement as well as methods for improving agility for footwork and keeping elbows in. We warmed up with some simple forward, backward and circular footwork. Then we returend to our stick and move drill: jab and circle away from the power hand drill followed by jab/cross circle away. Then we went back to the “octopus” game, but this time we tightened it up into bobbing and weaving technique and then added it onto our stick and move drill. Now the student performs a jab/cross, ducks a hook and circles to the outside to throw a cross. Next I brought out the agility ladder where we did front and sideways chopping foot work as well as moving in and out whilst retaining a boxing stance.



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