Judas & Circling at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)

meme multiple26.06.2019

Today saw the final lesson of Kingham Hill School’s current term of self-defence training. Due to exams at the end of the summer term, numbers were limited. However, this then leaves me to open up the floor to whatever the students would really like to work on. As it turned out I was impressed by the way the students decided on the activities they wished to engage in. Due to the odd numbers they chose multiple attack situations.

Due to the school play being on in our normal place of training, we were moved into a different room. This room provided us with various obstacles that we adapted for escape training. After some dynamic stretching we warmed up with running exercises around, under and over the tables. This was then followed by a game of tag in order to add some pressure and objective to the exercise.

We then focused on two types of multiple attack situations: the Judas Setup and Circling. The Judas Setup involves one person interviewing a target whilst their accomplice sneaks in from a blind spot, usually at an angle. The important lesson here is to be aware of your environment and also tunnel vision under stress. We had the person interviewing using as many distractions as possible to draw in the target. The target needed to maintain 360 degree spatial awareness, ensuring that the interviewer did not breach their fence and also that the Judas did not sneak up on them. Circling deals with an extra attacker trying to enclose you. In the case of two people this means you have one person in the front and one person behind. You don’t want to get caught in the middle! Here the target needs to immediately reposition so that they can see both their potential attackers.

Finally we covered some incidental weapon work. This was a brief introduction to using handheld objects and understanding the dangers of edged weapons. We went through two simple angles of counter-attack.