Jamie Clubb made a National Tutor with the UKMAA

I am proud to announce that I was recently invited to join the United Kingdom Martial Arts Alliance by founder, Steven Timperley. I am already an instructor registered with World Combat Arts (from where I deliver Mo Teague's Hard Target courses), the British Combat Association and the Martial Arts Standards Agency, so why join another association? UKMAA is clearly very different and serves another objective, one that renews my enthusiasm for teaching and practicing self protection, combatives and martial arts. It''s an alliance as opposed to a governing body and is inclined towards creating a supportive think tank using a network of instructors, coaches and tutors. This mission statement taken from their introduction says it all:

"The UKMAA is a unique network of martial arts instructors and personal safety trainers which is considered by its Affiliates to be an extended family of like-minded and friendly persons. Collectively we are helping and advising one another, we’re breaking down tribal barriers, sharing skills-sets and ideas whilst forging new friendships and having fun in the process, the way things should be.

In essence the UKMAA is not an Association, a Federation or a Governing Body but it is a ‘unique and friendly’ networking organisation.  Please remember, the UKMAA strongly encourages its Affiliates to retain their present affiliations upon registration.  However, if an Affiliate wishes the UKMAA to be their parent organisation the UKMAA will be happy to acknowledge this request."

These are very worthy goals. Many of the instructors – and all those ranked highly in the alliance – have accredited qualifications. Otherwise it seems to be flat hierarchy with only positive progress being on the agenda. This is the way forward as far as I am concerned and the sort of philosophy that backs up the ideas behind Clubb Chimera Martial Arts and the philosophy of the Vagabond Warriors workshops.

Coincidentally I have watched the career of Steve Timperley with interest. Since leaving a 22 year career in the British army, where he "completed seven operational tours of duty, many of which he was employed in specialist roles in often hazardous and hostile environments" and was also awarded a General Officer Commanding's Commendation, he has forged a career as a self protection and martial arts instructor par excellence. Through K.E.W.A.P. (Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme) he has specialized in the very relevant area of modern weapons related violence. I have found his articles to be very informative and well-sourced. Finally I am impressed with his acknowledgment and promotion of accredited and professional qualifications, not to mention the number he has collected along the way. See his profile for more information.

For more information on the UKMAA please see their website: http://www.ukmaa.org


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