Jabs from the Past (diary entry)

jab anatomy Thomas_jab_4_medium jab woman Boxing Jab22.06.21

Tonight my client at Forest School of Karate booked me to prep for my online guest spot next week. This will be a pretty exciting way to teach to classes under the current restrictions and also going forward for a way for more schools to offer a greater variety of lessons with guest teachers using more media.

This lesson will consist of the class following a live streamed lesson onto a projector that they can train along to in our their dojo. Their teachers, who went through the workouts with me tonight, will be on hand to help guide the students and assist them face-to-face. The lesson consists of highlights of five top boxers using their particular types of jabs and set-ups using the jab. After being talked through the footage the class will watch it again with me as we mimic some of these techniques in shadow boxing. They then will do four workouts inspired by these types of jab and the tactics being employed.

The jab is a highly important tool for modern boxing ever since Gentleman Jim Corbett used its verstality to herald in a rapidly evolving gloved era of boxing in the late 19th century. This technique was covered previously, but I decided to go back over it using actual video footage and references to some the greatest exponents of the technique to illustrate and motivate.Vijay Jab lesson 1 Vijay Jab lesson 2 Vijay jab lesson 3 Vijay jab lesson 4


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