Jabbing with Champions at Forest School (diary entry)

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Wednesday evening saw me hosted by Forest School of Karate to be streamed into their classroom and share with them inspiration from boxing champions. This is the beginning of a course on boxing for martial arts cross training.

Students of Forest School watched footage from Larry Holmes, Sonny Liston, Riddick Bowe, Joe Louis, Tommy Hearns and Benny Leonard as we explored the jab. We warmed up with some basic footwork exercises. This was then followed by a tutorial on the basic jab, the step-jab and the body jab. Then it was straight in with Holmes demonstrating his uniquely fast and dangerous jab, used as perfect punch one its own. We then expanded into putting weight behind the punch creating the power jab. Sonny Liston was used as inspiration as was Riddick Bowe. Joe Louis’s fight highlights then helped me introduce combinations off the jab such as the basic one-two, jab/cross combination and the jab/lead hook. We also began to look at slipping off the jab. Tommy Hearns brought in the use of the flicker jab and the pawing jab as strategic weapons for other set-up. Finally Benny Leonard brought us into freestyle and adapting the jab for a variety of different tactics.

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