Isolating and Integrating the Cross (diary entry)

Straight right downward cross13.01.20


Monday night’s lesson was the second hour of my client’s third Muay Thai/Kickboxing course. This course is focused on developing better punching. Tonight we looked at the cross (straight right) and how to develop its power as well as its place in various combinations.


We began with some simple callisthenic and dynamic warm-up exercises, specific to Muay Thai. Then we moved onto mirror footwork and revising the basic and step-jab. This was done with just hand wraps on in order to work on better form. We then isolated the cross (or straight right). This was trained from both a regular guard and then completely from a relaxed position. We then used restrictive training from the ground and wall to help develop more force as well as tighten up the delivery of the punch. This was then brought back onto the focus mitts for confirmation. Gloves were then put on for integration of the cross into other combinations.


We began with boxing combinations albeit from a Thai stance. Thai’s peculiar high position of the rear heel when standing in a stance and moving along with the squared hips puts the cross in a constantly primed position whereas most Western Boxing stances involved a degree of pivoting on the rear foot. The cross was thrown from both a basic jab and a step-jab combination. In the latter paid especial emphasis on moving in and out of range. This is a little more subtle in Muay Thai than it is in Western Boxing due to the fact that the entire fight is typically fought at close range. We then sandwiched the cross between other techniques such as the lead hook before adding on kicks and knees. The spear elbow was also used in place of the jab in one combination.

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