Introducing the Closed Guard (diary entry)

armbar from guard5_0The third lesson in CCMA’s submission grappling/ground fighting course for cross training in the martial arts introduced my client to attacking from the back. This is wholly concerned with using the guard position whereby a fighter seeks to sweep or submit using his legs.

We warmed using the basic ground specific movements in bear crawls, crab crawls, seal crawls, commando crawls, spider crawls, gorilla crawls, side crawls, sit-throughs and snaking forwards and backwards. We then bridged before doing two guard specific exercises: the triangle crunch and hip turns from guard. Then we revised transitioning through pins, escaping pins and the securing the arm-bar submission. This same technique would also be the first submission he would learn from the guard.

The closed guard was introduced using a simple partner where the rolls from the turtle defence position to the guard. This is initiated by having a partner put pressure on the lower back from one side. The fighter also rolled back into a turtle position when his partner went to pass under his guard. Here I drew attention to the importance of aligning the hips and keeping the core firm. Fighters should practise rolling from should to shoulder in every direction whilst keeping their lower back and buttocks off the ground.

We then covered setting up for an arm-bar from guard off both sides. This followed by responses to an opponent posturing up, leading us onto a simple sweep. The same motion was then shown to be part of setting up for a Kimura arm-lock from the closed guard.

The session was finished with some progressive specific sparring from the guard position.

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