Introducing Sweeps (diary entry)


Saturday morning’s lesson was my two junior clients’ third hour of stand-up grappling/clinch. We warmed up with Indian press-ups and squats. This was then followed by bulling and pummelling exercises to promote better grip training and positioning.
We then moved onto details for the outer reap throw, such as correctly combining the push/pull, taking the dominant grip, breaking an opponent’s posture and reaping effectively. Next we looked at taking the back from the under-hook as well as defending against the waist-lock and the side head-lock.

The lesson finished with sweep training. As is my current approach, sweeps were only introduced once my clients were confident about falling, getting grips and positions, and breaking postures in their opponents. I used a couple of training methods introduced to me by Judo instructors. By using scrunched up paper I had my clients use the bottom of their feet sweep across the floor rather than kick. We also did a “sticky foot” balancing game, where one partner follows the other’s raised foot with the bottom of his foot.

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