Intensive Turtle! (diary entry)



This Tuesday brought my client up to the seventh hour of his second Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. We focused entirely on attacking and defending the turtle position.


The lesson began with a series of crawling callisthenics, specific to submission grappling. These also included three variations of sit-outs, rolling from turtle to guard partner drills and movement around the turtle position, all of which are directly relevant to tonight’s subject matter.


We then revised the basic attack on the turtle where we looked at how it set up other techniques such as the back mount. From here we looked at defence working using the kimura as well as a sweep into an arm-bar and two knee-bar attacks. Finally we the anaconda choke and the gator roll attacks to the turtle.


The lesson finished with two intensive rounds of specific sparring. The first round concentrated on defending from the turtle and the second round on attacks. They were kept at two minutes rather than the usual five minutes in order to prompt more explosive action and preventing stalling.

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