Integrating Punching Combinations (diary entry)

downward cross09.03.20


Monday night’s training completed my client’s third course in Muay Thai. Although the discipline has remained within Muay Thai its main focus has been on developing punching. We have cross-trained in Western Boxing, taken some inspiration from Dutch Kickboxing and integrated this into the main Muay Thai framework.


We began with a warm up of basic mobility drills and then did 2 x 3 minute rounds of building up shadow boxing techniques. My client expressed a wish to work on chaining punches to make more solid combinations as our final lesson in this particular course. After completing these two rounds we moved onto the focus mitts and trained through various punching combinations. These included the 11 punch combination, but also three punch variants and incorporated head movement and footwork. We then went the body and chained different combinations with liver and spleen punches. Next we covered punching combination counters to kicks. Then we added on the kicks.



The lesson finished with a round of Western Boxing and a round of Muay Thai sparring.

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