Instructor Development Online Training 1 (diary entry)

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Tuesday’s final lesson was teaching my children’s self-protection methods as a means for instructor development to Hostlebro Taekwondo Klub in Denmark. This is preparation for my “When Parents Aren’t Around” seminars that will be taught over there later this year and also ahead of the new “Animal Instincts” children’s self-protection teaching programme.

Tonight we went through an overview of self-protection. We covered definitions, separating self-protection from martial arts. I used Iain Abernethy’s Martial Map, Mo Teague/Peter Consterdine’s personal security/self-defence division and Dave Grossman’s heart-rate performance chart to explain some basic defining concepts. We also talked about adapting self-protection training to different regions, genders and age groups. To cover a foundation of hard skills, I demonstrated and described evasion exercises, transitional postures and asymmetrical pressure tests (beginning with simple chasing games).


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