Injury Adaptation and Variation (diary entry)

catherine ollie diary01.12.20

Hour four of my client’s course presented another challenge for us. As might recall, her lockdown partner has recently undergone surgery on his knee from a football injury. He wasn’t with us last lesson. However, displaying true warrior spirit, he was keen to get back into things today. He is unable to put any pressure on one knee, restricting all his training to a seated position. Even within this position, there are certain restrictions as the leg can become inadvertantly involved with technqiues that require a twisting action. Meanwhile, my main client is working on her kicks. My task was to train them both together whilst accommodating their very different needs yet keeping some strong common ground.

After warming them both up, accommodating for the injured party, I assessed what techniques would be possible. We agreed that seated punches and elbow strikes would be fine along with the related defences. Meanwhile, my main client would be added kicks to most combinations. The lesson finished with pad-work for my injured client and speed kicking for my non-injured client.