Incidental Combinations & Regaining the Initiative (diary entry)

cover checking cover close single cover12.02.20

Wednesday lunchtime saw my Kingham Hill School class in self-protection move onto incidental combinations and regaining the initiative.

We began with a warm-up that combined the previous two week’s muscle memory exercises. This started with commentary walking, striking from nowhere, changing direction, exits, checking for injuries, sprawling, knee strikes, running whilst striking, bear crawls and then controlled breathing exercises. Then we went onto transitioning through posture exercises.

Next up we went back through and layered target familiarisation exercises in pre-emption. Students drilled the behaviour of keeping their hands up in a passive gesture until their personal space line was breached whereby they placed their strikes, made a tactical escape and then checked for injuries. This was overlapped onto the focus mitts with reminders on referencing targets before we brought in incidental combinations.

After this we changed to regaining the initiative. This is the next big stage in self-defence training. Once immediate escape and pre-emption are removed from the equation, the defender has to deal with already being under attack. We address this with the cover that is used as a temporary method for accessing effective striking.

The lesson finished with a cover pressure test drill. One set of students close their eyes, putting themselves into a state of code white whilst other students give them a quick physical prompt to open their eyes and then begin striking the first students cover and begin striking before making their tactical escape and check for injuries.