Improving Impact & Friendly Resistance



Today’s first lesson was the second class of my second term at Kingham Hill School. We continued our work on the fence, did some transitioning training and restrictive training. The lesson was all about owning the straight rear hand strike.


We began with some simple escape exercises and reaction tests. The class students switched directions whilst running, covered and shadow boxed. They then ran in different directions and worked to escape one another. Then they did some light low and high attack sparring to introduce some resistance-based training.


We had a brief re-cap on the previous lesson and some discussion on pre-incident indicators. Then we moved straight onto the fence and the cover. This inspired me to work on more power development and to keep things move. We went through the four postures and three transitions before adding on strikes and then isolating each posture again to restrict striking. I also had everyone strike from the wall to encourage better body mechanics and to develop more force in strikes.


The lesson finished with a partner hindrance game. Again, like last week’s hunting for the striking, students had to work against something keeping them back from their target. In this instance it was two of their classmates who acted as “well-meaning” interventionists.

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