Improving Footwork (diary entry)

diary footwork freddy20.10.20

My first lesson on Tuesday night brought my client up to his sixth hour on Western Boxing. As with a few of my clients we are reviewing basics on footwork, mobility and general fluidity. Tonight we went just used the jab, cross, lead hook and rear uppercut as our punching techniques. These were performed as a combination and in isolation. However, besides upping the speed of their cadence, their main function was to accompany the footwork patterns. The footwork was also fairly basic, but we were looking towards maintaining levels and balance throughout. Appropriate punches were added on as each footwork movement was performed: pendulum, side steps and pivoting. We finished the lesson with two repetitions of orthodox and southpaw stances moving through these three ranges of movement maintaining a low stance throughout, followed by a tabata of high speed footwork drills.