Impact! (diary entry)

impact (smaller)29.10.19


My teacher training lesson focused entirely upon generating power into strikes. We isolated the rear straight or reverse punch as our chosen technique. The reason for this is that it is relatively easy to teach and is one of the most common techniques thrown in any fight environment that permits striking.


Key areas covered:

  1. Use of the hip
  2. Activating and recruiting force behind the striking limb
  3. Elastic force versus plastic force
  4. Relaxation of the arms
  5. Quality versus quantity of repetitions
  6. Hierarchy of Technique, Speed and Power Training
  7. Inhibition when striking an object


Methods used:

  1. Light resistance bands force vector training (pushing and pulling) to prohibit “arm striking” – also illustrated throw lightly pulling on the striking arm at the commencement of the strike
  2. Restrictive training – back against the wall, kneeling, seated and lying down
  3. Restrictive arm training – arms pinned to the sides to promote speed with the hands and better engagement of body mechanics
  4. Unrestrictive training
  5. Lifting a heavy object from the ground before dropping said object and striking – comparable to many explosive weight lifting exercises
  6. 2 x 30 seconds technical striking then 30 seconds speed striking then 30 seconds power striking
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