Hybrid Grappling (diary entry)

body clinch23.04.19


Tuesday’s private lesson consisted of the second hour of my client’s Clinch/Stand-up Grappling course. We revised falls and rolls, turning them into muscle memory callisthenics. Then we resumed work within the clinch, looking at breaking posture, control positions, under-hooking and two basic sweep/throws.


The lesson began with a simple warm-up followed by Indian press-ups and squats. Then we moved onto rolls from the front, shoulder/side and back followed by front, side and back break falls, finally finished with reps of these combined movements. The purpose of this warm-up is to not only improve safety, and therefore confidence and technique, when executing or receiving takedowns, throws or sweeps but also to learn how to quickly recover to reverse or counter said technique.


Next we focused on the clinch, beginning with the collar and elbow tie-up. From here we looked at dominated from inside the clinch and getting a wrist grip. We also covered breaking a hold and transferring to a two-on-one arm-hold and defending this position. Then we drilled under-hooking and a simple Greco-Roman waist-lock takedown. This was followed with an inner-reaping variation of this particular takedown. Going back to the highline from the collar and elbow tie-up, we drilled the major outer-reaping throw from Judo. Here we touched upon its reversal and defending against the reversal.

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