How to Coach Virtual Focus Mitts (diary entry)

focus mitts virtual hook virtualround kick virtual 2 round kick virtual16.02.21

Tuesday night’s teaching consultancy looked at the coaching of kickboxing combinations virtually on the focus mitts. This is a learning phase for all concerned, including many of the experienced YouTubing coaches. Time delays and correct positioning in front of cameras as well as ensuring one’s student is responding to the cues on the focus mitts are all crucial points to consider when running this type of lesson. We examined the first combination and looked breaking it down into smaller combinations before linking them correctly with seamless cues.

The combination was run through first as a shadow boxing routine and then taken onto the pads before we swapped roles and my client fed the combinations to me. We discussed a few small points about chaining techniques, such as using the shin-check to create momentum between two round kicks and how to feed a similtaneous slip/jab.

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