Horizontal & Chopping Elbow Combinations

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My client’s 1.5 hour Muay Thai class continued work on elbow strikes. After a flow dynamic stretch sequence we sparring without safety equipment for 2 x 3 minute rounds as part of the warm-up.

We restricted the lesson to just two techniques, the horizontal and the chopping elbow, both of which would be part of combination tactics.

Horizontal Elbow:

  1. Jab/cross/rear round kick/rear spear knee/angle off/slap-down parry/horizontal elbow
  2. Jab/cross/jab/cross to the body/angle off/slap-down parry/horizontal elbow

Chopping Elbow:

  1. Jab/cross/uppercut to the body/chopping elbow
  2. Catch teep/break posture and intercept/chopping elbow

These combinations were first broken down and then chained together as partner drills before being put onto the focus mitts and then sparred for three minutes. Sparring was semi-free with me offering opportunities to integrate the new combinations.

We concluded the training proper with one round of freestyle sparring under full Thai rules. We then warmed down with some PNF (contract and relax) stretching.


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