Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Risk assessment

Company name: Clubb Chimera Martial Arts

Assessment carried out by: Jamie Clubb

Date of next review:    02.02.24

Date assessment was carried out: 02.02.23

The following risk assessment reflects our Return to Play policy in line with DCMS guidelines for Step 2, which began on 12.04.21. CCMA training outside of virtual training, teaches the following approved activities: kickboxing and mixed martial arts (recently updated and approved). CCMA is insured under and a member of the British Combat Association.

What are the hazards? Who might be harmed and how? What are you already doing to control the risks? What further action do you need to take to control the risks? Who needs to carry out the action?
Danger of transference of Covid-19 through bad hygiene Clients and teachers might infect one another with Covid-19 Washing facilities with hot running water and soap in operation at the venue and in close proximity to training area (room next door).


Track and trace system in place. Client and teacher’s addresses are known and recorded.

Clients and teachers declare in writing that they haven’t knowingly been in contact with anyone who has exhibited symptoms of Covid-19 or confirmed to be infected by Covid-19 within the past 14 days.


In line with current Covid guidelines, coaching on focus mitts (impact pads) are permitted, but only the teacher will wear the focus mitts, clients will wear their own gloves.



Hand sanitizers made readily available.


Digital temperature checkers in operation and to be used prior commencement of activity.


Teachers and clients will wash hands thoroughly before and after the session.


Training is usually one-to-one or with restricted numbers in small groups thus limiting the risk of potential exposure to Covid-19.

Danger of individuals becoming infected by Covid-19  Clients and teacher might contract Covid-19 from contaminated surfaces

Teacher or client might infect one another



Venue training area and washing facilities are regularly deep cleaned and will be prior to the lesson.

Teacher has received both Covid vaccinations



Mats will be deep cleaned with anti-viral sanitizer prior to teaching and training Teacher
General injuries typically incurred through training in a combat sport Clients Teacher is qualified and highly experienced in teaching activities being carried out.


Teacher has an up to date First Aid certificate

A thorough warm-up to be conducted before commencement of training.


Area to be matted to mitigate injuries from falls.


Only appropriate techniques will be taught to safeguard against unnecessary risks