Hip Throws & Sparring (diary entry)

o goshi hip throwmuay thai small11.09.19


My Wednesday night duo of nephew and uncle worked on hip throws and MMA sparring concepts respectively. The junior lesson also revised all three lines of attack covered in previous lessons. The senior lesson was divided up into timed rounds.


The junior lesson began with wrestling callisthenics. We then moved onto bulling and pummelling, revising two-on-ones and various entries. Next I introduced the hip throw. This is the basic no-gi version of what Judo would call an Ogoshi. The lesson finished with 2 x 2 minute rounds of technical sparring.


The senior lesson was very much a free-form style of training. We spent one three minute round coaching boxing combination into grappling entries. This was also mixed in with defences against kicks and punches. Then next round brought in the belly pad and we added in teeps and body shots. The third round began in various clinching positions and made use of strikes in the clinch and after breaking from the clinch. Round four concerned striking from pinning positions. Round five focused on striking within the guard. Round six and seven were defensive rounds, defending against strikes whilst holding the guard or being pinned.


The lesson finished with one five minute round of MMA sparring.

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