High Line Takedowns (diary entry)





My client continued working the clinch range. Tonight we looked at stand-up grappling exclusively without integrating into MMA. I aim to do this next week, depending on how the training progresses. Last lesson mainly worked on lowline takedowns, so it made sense to go upstairs for tonight. It was a mix techniques mainly used in judo (and ju jutsu/Brazilian jiu jitsu) and one mainly used in wrestling (Greco and freestyle). We trained the one hand shoulder throw and the major hip throw as well as the quarter nelson.


We warmed up with standard wrestling mobility and calisthenics before taking a good portion of time looking at different rolls and breakfalls. My client will take these away to programme into his private workouts. We then moved onto drilling the three techniques first as entries before moving onto completion of the technique. We then sparred under takedown-only grappling rules.


Archive photography by Phil Shirley at Clubb Chimera Martial Arts old club in Coventry circ. 2009

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