Heavy Bag Ground Training (diary entry)

heavy bag ground 1 heavy bag ground 221.04.20

My second Tuesday client was on his sixth hour of MMA training. Tonight’s video lesson looked striking from the grounded top position. We used a heavy bag in this instance.

Training began with a warm-up of guided shadow boxing. We worked our way through the ranges at an increasing pace, checking for technique details as we moved along. Then we brought out my client’s heavy bag.

Tonight we focused on transitioning forwards and backwards around the pin flow drill layering in strikes and submissions. We isolated side control, scarf-hold and north south, working both sides of the bag. At each pin we looked at using strikes to set up submissions. Our lesson plan looked like this:

Side control: knee strikes/diagonal elbow/hammer-fists/arm-bar

Scarf-hold: hooks/arm-triangle choke

North-south: hooks/reverse arm-triangle choke

The lesson finished with a tabata using the following sets:

  1. Fast punching combinations
  2. Fast straight punching
  3. Fast punch-kick combinations
  4. Fast spear knee strikes
  5. Fast takedowns from low level posture
  6. Fast sprawl and knee strikes
  7. Fast stack and strike combinations
  8. Fast leg-triangles