Heat-Seeking Kimura (diary entry)

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Saturday evening saw more teacher consultancy. I trained two martial arts teachers occupying the same bubble, continuing their ground fighting. We transitioned through pins and then focused on the kimura. This very important and versatile key-lock can pulled out of a variety of different positions, and the grip itself is a very effective submission grappling tool. Single areas covered included standing, from closed guard and reverse scarf-hold. We also performed what one of my clients eloquently described as the “heat-seeking Kimura”. This is a great strategy from the top position that keeps the opponent on the back-foot and sets several traps along the way. As a teaching tool it reinforces the positioning of the pins and is an effective muscle memory Kimura grip exercise. The drill begins with Americana from side-control. When the opponent resists, the fighter moves with the resisting arm into a Kimura from side-control. Again, the opponent resists and the fighter moves to a scarf-hold pin and attempts Kimura submission from this position. Next, the opponent turns in yet again and the fighter flows into the north-south pin and executes a Kimura from this position. If the submission fails to come on again, the fighter can slide into the opposite side and use the grip to set up for an arm-bar.

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