Head-Locks and Trips (diary entry)




Today’s 90 minute lesson brought us up to the three hour mark for CCMA’s 10 hour course on Basic General Wrestling for Martial Arts Cross Training. We revised footwork, layering in hip-switching for throws, as part of our warm-up. This then revised rolls and break-falls, also combining these movements making them more directly relevant to throwing. The warm-up section was finished with sprawling patterns.


We then moved onto the collar and elbow tie-up, transitioning into “bulling”. From here we revised the two-on-one arm hold and the arm-drage. We then drilled working head-locks into takedowns and progressed onto the cross-buttocks throw. Whilst still working the highline we trained a simple trip throw. Next we moved onto taking the back and the waist-lock takedown from the front and the back. The technical section ended with some over-hook/under-hook pummelling.


We finished the lesson with five minutes of grip-fighting/light sparring.


Photography by Sonia Audhali Photography 2010 CCMA Combat Grappling Workshop

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