Head & Foot Fight Coordination (diary entry)

footwork drills14.11.18


Tonight’s second lessons consisted of my regular junior class followed by my senior class. These are private lessons for an uncle and nephew team. My junior class focused on western boxing concepts, tightening up footwork and upper body movement. My senior class continued work on grappling – stand-up/takedown wrestling and submission/groundwork.


The junior class included mirror footwork and head movement exercises performed in isolation before being combined. This was the difficult part and requires a good amount of coordination. I used the concept of tactics to make a better link, which generally worked. My experience is that once a fighter understands the exact purpose of their movements they mentally elevate their importance, making them more likely to develop the muscle memory. If one cannot train specifically, one needs to work harder to visualise the purpose of a training exercise.


All previous punching combinations were revised and incorporated into footwork and head movement exercises. The lesson finished with a round of sparring.


The senior class warmed up with partner training drills – bulling, pummelling, arm-drags, takedown entries, sprawling, guard transitioning, pin transitioning, guard pass entries and submission entries. We then looked at the very simplistic arm triangle takedown and the rather more complicated arm-bar counter to an outer reaping counter-throw.


The lesson finished with a round of grappling sparring, permitting takedowns from standing and submissions.

Video on Head and Foot Coordination & a video on countering the Outer Reap Throw with an Arm-Bar.

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