Head, Body, Head, Body, Head, Body (Diary Entry)

athena diary workshop22.02.21

The final lesson for this month’s special workshops for Athena Karate brought us up to kickboxing combination seven, designed to promote rhythm and flow. This particular combination was designed for close range outside fighting using an upstairs/downstairs strategy – jab/low jab/cross/liver shot/head hook/long knee. We discussed different hand positioning for the knee stike. Personally I don’t like to pull down arms for any knee strike other than with the diagonal knee. The long knee is a rear spear knee that can be delivered at long range. Other than the flying knee it is the only knee strike that can be delivered at this range. I consider both to be a type of knee bomb, in the respect that you dropping a very powerful knee-strike intended to take the opponent out or cause a major destabilization of their position. Like the kicks covered previously, this heavy strike is camouflaged by the series of punching combinations. Although this combination is comparatively short to some of the others, the varying ranges make it complex in execution. However, it follows a simple pattern of switching from head to body with each strike.

Although the knee-strike is the big move here, some love needs to go to the liver shot’s first showing in this series. This particular punch can also have devestating results and arguably paves the way for the big knee, sandwiching in a lead hook to the head. During the warm-up I introduced the liver shot from a simple jab/cross/feint/pivot combination. I also brought in some Cuban Boxing footwork to help better promote the rhythm and flow principle we have been training since the beginning.

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Liver Shots

Long Knee

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