Hard Skills II: Danish Edition (diary entry)

HS2 Denmark (1)22.11.20

I was delighted to provide a webinar for my Danish friends again. Hinnerup Karate kindly hosted my Hard Skills II webinar on Sunday. This part of the series focuses maintaining the initiative. After a quick revision of the previous material on pre-emptive striking, involving some physical training, we looked at continuous forward pressure. The webinar then began in earnest with a simple procedure set out based on defined objectives, preferred targeting areas and preferred primary weapon. We covered repetition of strikes, referencing hand, incidental combinations, striking around obstacles, clearing obstacles and I even had a section on transitioning through ranges, which will be explored again at the beginning of the next webinar due to the huge overlap.

Part 3 of this webinar is scheduled for this Sunday 29th November at 10 a.m. GMT Book yourself now or book your club in for one of our many services.

hard skills 3

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