Hard Skill IV Private Lesson (diary entry)

eye gouge16.02.21

My second private lesson on Tuesday was a one-to-one teacher consultancy on my fourth official self-protection hard skills (self-defence) presentation. This is the final part of my basic self-protection course adapted for online teaching. The course brings us to the clinch stage of fight management. Here we discuss why grappling is to be treated as an incidental and tangental phase of self-defence training, why it needs to be learned and where its place lies in mid/low-risk situations.I teach grappling first in order for students to be able to defend grappling behaviour more effectively. Then I teach anti-grappling which begins with reinforcing striking from grappling positions and then goes to more close-quarter work. Symmetrical ground defence was also covered.  I was asked some great questions, including a quaestion about grappling’s priority in cornered unarmed assault against an armed attacker. This will nicely dovetail into the hard skills training I intend to cover in my weapon awareness/defence series of webinars.

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