Half-Guard & Lockdown (diary entry)

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Wednesday night I continued my current Submission Grappling programme with my veteran client followed by a stretching routine. We focused on the half-guard tonight. This began with the classic half-guard work that marries up with the butterfly guard sweeps we used before the Christmas break. In short, we looked at framing and transitioning to the dog-fight position. From here the fighter has option to shoot for the sweep or to attack the back. This is dependent on whether the opponent postures up or defends low.

Next we began re-exploring the lock-down position. This is where the fighter brings their guarding feet to the inside of the opponent’s leg and then interlock their own feet and the opponent’s foot, breaking their posture. From here it is crucial to move in deep under the opponent to under-hook their other leg. This provides us with various options to sweep or submit.

The martial arts section was then completed with 3 x 5 minute rounds (2 x specific sparring attacking and defending half-guard and 1 x full submission sparring).

We then finished the lesson with 20 minutes of full-body static stretching, including PNF stretches.



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