Half-Guard for MMA Begins (diary entry)

Half_guard_in_Brazilian_Jiu-Jitsuhalf 06.10.18

This morning we reached the four hour point of my client’s second Mixed Martial Arts course. As well as a revision of all material previously covered and some extra time spent wrestling, the focus of the lesson was on the half-guard. We also had a look at the single-hook back mount.

The lesson began with mirror footwork, which was built on with changing levels, prompts for slipping, rolling, ducking and sprawling. Targeting came into play before we began incorporating various wrestling grips. At first the grips were broken away into striking combinations. Then we moved onto active clinching – plum, necktie and pummelling. The plum drilling was then built on for placing strikes from the clinch and the pummelling was used to set up various takedowns. The section was finished with a round of grip-fighting that progressed onto wrestling sparring.

We then donned MMA sparring kit and went through the half-guard from an MMA perspective. This will also be covered in the next lesson. We began with the basic half-guard and its use to get the back-mount. Next we looked at the lockdown leg trap and under-hooking the other leg. Here we covered Eddie Bravo’s electric chair sweep and submission. Next we looked choking from the back position whilst only having in one hook. After this we had a brief look at Eddie Bravo’s twister submission.

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